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As part of the iTunes Store, Apple has now introduced the iTunes U section, where you can browse for, download and subscribe to free mobile learning content. Content is provided by universities and, tada!, musems. Basically, it’s just an aggregation of (video) podcasts of lectures on various topics, which could be either stand-alone or part of a course. The downloaded content could be viewed or heard on your computer or on mobile devices like the iPhone or iTouch. Not sure how they would work on non-Apple products.
Of course, institutions can already make such podcasts or other multimedia content available on their own sites, and they do. Still, using iTunes as a platform for webcasting the material surrounding an exhibition could prove useful, since a great part of the (especially younger) audience that the museums wish to reach already use the service to browse for other music and media content. Making yourself visible and your content available here could attract an audience that may not know about or visit your site. And, importantly, reaching people at a point where they are already actively searching for stuff to download, may make them more inclined to actually select your offerings for later consumption, whereas on the museum site people may not seriously consider the option as they could be in a different kind of browsing mode.