Trans-museal experiences: inspiring a musealising gaze on the everyday

Paper presented at the 2017 international Art and Presence conference at University of Southern Denmark

Screenshot 2019-07-31 at 09.59.31

Like their musealised counterparts, everyday objects are both material, aesthetic entities and also cultural signifiers, ‘nodes at which matter and meaning intersect’ (Daston 2004:16). Hence, the potential pleasures in experiencing and reflecting on cultural objects in the everyday could be harnessed as a matter of curatorial interest. This presentation traces a current trend for transcending the museum setting to engage with everyday culture, and suggests that the notion of the ‘museum gaze’ could be reconceptualised as a musealising gaze on the everyday. Discussing illustrative examples, the paper will explore how museums may work strategically to augment this experience.

Manuscript: Trans-museology Baggesen

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